Home Learning


We have a school policy of setting homework because we want to develop a positive attitude towards learning outside of school and help set good habits for their future life particularly in secondary school. The homework system has been developed to link to their work in class and include some activities that can be completed as a whole family, however because of the carefully developed flexible system parents and children have a degree of choice too.

Homework routines begin in Reception with the expectation that children will be sharing  and reading at home. In Key stage 1 and 2 tasks will include Mathematics, English, and theme related activities and many will use web based resources  thus integrating technology. Daily reading and times table practice are expected too! At the start of year class meetings, parents are told about the specific routines for the new class. Expectations build up until Year 6 where children are really expected to be managing tasks independently.

As a school we are realistic and understand that circumstances will arise when children are unable to do the set homework or it becomes a negative experience for all. At this point we would like to re-assure parents not to worry about this, as we do understand! However, we do ask that any problems relating to homework are discussed with the class teacher as soon as possible.